Yellowstone National Park

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday we went to Yellowstone National Park. Out of all the times that I have been to the cabin I have never been in the park. The pictures are kind of out of order so I will let you know what each one of them are. I don't have the patients to reorganize them into the right order

After a long day in Yellowstone we headed back to the cabin for some SMORES

Papa and Kayden trying to cook the marshmallows but they would get to hot and fall off. That is why you don't cook marshmallows with something metal it just melts the inside.

We successfully got one, and Kayden couldn't wait to get another one


Next three pictures are the boys showing off their candy that they got to pick out at the candy store...although they don't know what they are missing because we go straight for the Huckleberry taffy.

Then it is off to our favorite ice cream place. We always have to eat hear. you can pretty much make your own ice start with vanilla and then you put just about anything you want in it YUUUMMMYYYY!

Landen being silly at the ice cream place
Remember this is all kind of backwards if I would have thought it all through I would have downloaded it backwards, and then it would have been in order, but anyways here is our favorite place to eat yeah it's pizza, but they have so many different ones we try a different one every time.

Dad, Landen and Xander walking in West Yellowstone I love this picture

This is at the lower falls
This is the river just before the lower falls

This is going to the lower falls

This is the upper falls at Artist Point

Me and landen there wasn't much of an opportunity to take many pictures, because there were so many foreign people there, and they were pushing and shoving, and didn't care who was in there way so I was happy with what I got!

The view before the upper falls

The Buffalo

OUR PICNIC LUNCH (until the bees started trying to eat our food then we headed for the van)
Yellowstone Lake

Waiting inside for Old Faithful to erupt (you can see it through the window)
Here is goes...I was very disappointed though it wasn't all that I thought it was going to be...there were geysers going higher across they way, and were a lot more to look at. I don't know if it was my position, but anyways it was worth it, and I have now seen Old Faithful
above and below are pictures at the Yellowstone Lodge they were renovating it, and it was beautiful we went on a small tour of it
This is inside the lodge it is the biggest log wood structure, and it was massive and beautiful.

The next few pictures are from the Lower Geyser Basin

This is Firehole Falls

These are the Elk that we ran into when we first entered the park.

So that was roughly our Yellowstone Trip in one day! We had fun, and wish we didn't have to pack up to leave tomorrow for school to start. For those of you who like the pictures enjoy and for those who didn't...what can I say I am a picturaholic (if that is how you spell it)