>> Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Christmas day starts out like this: In the Morning we open all the gifts from Santa, and from the family.We also have Cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, orange juice for a quick breakfast so we have plenty of time to play with our new toys! Then we go to Grandma Bott's house and open presents from them and the family and exchange gifts. Grandma Bott makes a Christmas lunch. We then go to Nana and Papa's house to open presents from them that night, and have another Christmas dinner there.

I couldn't post all my picutres, but here are some of them!

We didn't get much picutres, but here are the ones we did get!



Twas the night before Christmas...

>> Tuesday, December 25, 2007

For the Weeks Family Traditions it starts on Chirstmas Eve Night. We start the night by having sub-sandwiches, chips, salads and desserts. We then open gifts from our Secret Santa's ( Although it is not much of a secret when you have such a small family, but it is still fun!) We Also get to open presents from Tyler's Grandparents, and Nana and Papa give the Grandkids Christmas Jammie's to wear to bed! This Year Kayden had it rough though he had the stomach flu Christmas eve.
Landen got a little people helicopter
Xander got a Police Car TransformerKayden got a motorcycle TransformerTyler Got some headphones for his I-POD
Christina got scrapbook software for the computer


Landen's 2nd Birthday

>> Sunday, December 23, 2007




Willard Bay

>> Saturday, December 15, 2007


Men at Work

We Had to get the house ready for a Christmas Open House, and so we put all the men to work! Kayden made ornaments for the Christmas Tree, and then hung them. Tyler and his dad painted the door, and Landen just looked like he was working, but he was really just playing. Xander was at school so he didn't get a job to do.


Temple Square

>> Friday, December 14, 2007


Ward Christmas Party


Kayden's 5th Birthday

We have a Birthday dinner for each kid, and Kayden choose to have Sandwiches which was a very easy dinner! He also choose to have a Tractor cake which he was very excited to see! That morning I had to go to the store, and the conversation with dad went like this:
Kayden: I know where mom went
Dad: Where?
Kayden: She went to get my Birthday Cake!
Dad: No she didn't
Kayden: Yes She did!
Little did Kayden know that Nana and Papa had gotten it the night before all this and it was out in the garage so that he wouldn't see it so later that night Kayden and mom's conversation went like this
Mom: Kayden what are we going to do...We forgot your cake
Kayden: It's OK mom
That was the sweetest thing, and I was happy to have that cake in the garage, because it wasn't a big deal to have a cake, but he was sure surprised when we brought that cake out!


Good & Bad NEWS!

>> Sunday, December 2, 2007

UPDATE: Good News: We have received Landens results from the MRI, and they have come back normal and so he doesn't have Cerebral Palsy which is a relief in someways. Bad News: The Doctor from Primary Children's Hospital has diagnosed him with Encephalopathy which is pretty much a brain disorder, but they don't know which one yet. He said that 50% of children you are able to see defects from the MRI, and the other 50% it gets harder, and you guessed it we are in that 50%. So right now we are getting him to Early Interventions hoping that we are able to help things with occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy before we try the medication. We go back to the doctor in three months to see what are options are at that time, but for now we are just doing the early interventions to see if we can make any progress there!


Tree House

This month for Kayden's Preschool field trip we went to the Tree House in Ogden. We had never been before, and so it was an adventure for us. They had so many different things you could do. If your child loves to pretend and dress up than this is a GREAT place each part is themed and you can dress up in each section. Here are some pictures of our adventure to the Tree House!