Honoring President Hinckley

>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

As I was getting my boys to bed I pulled up the KSL site, and was reading when I came to the heading saying that President Hinckley had passed I couldn't believe what I was reading and it took a while to soak in. He had more energy at his age than I do at my age sometimes! He was able to make everyone laugh and made life seem easy. My heart goes out to all the people whose lives he has touched, including my own. I feel so fortunate to have had his influence in my life as I went through the adolescent and young adult years. Not only will he be missed by his family and members of the church, he will also be missed by the whole world. How happy I feel for him to be reunited with his dear wife, and our Father in heaven what a blessed thing.
I remember attending a General Young Woman's meeting. I invited an inactive girl in our ward to come with. As we headed down with our leaders we just talked about the random everyday things. We were able to be there in the tabernacle in Salt Lake for the meeting When he walked in the door everyone stood up and with no music playing we sang, "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet." The Spirit was so strong that tear started running down our checks. I was so grateful to know that I stood in the presence of a true prophet. On the drive home the conversation changed to a much more spiritual setting. With this I am sad with the passing of our Phophet, but I am also at peace knowing that we will always have a prophet to teach us, and lead us in the right direction, and that he will be renited with our Heavenly Father. He was a wonderful man and showed this world what the LDS church was all about. He was loving, kind and Patient somethings I surely need to work on. He showed the world gratitude and the true meaning of being Christ-Like. We will all miss you and in your honor I will strive to live by your teachings.



This year going to church is a little difficult for Landen. We go from 11:30-2:30 durring his normal naptime. So sometimes he is just down right cranky all through church. Last sunday Tyler got him to go to sleep and he slept till sunday school, and then headed to nursery, but today he decided to hold out on us until he got home. At first he was just being a tease, and pretending to go to sleep...well that pretending put him right to sleep.
Landen pretending to be alseep. He is looking out the slits of his eyes to make sure we are still watching him!

The head bobbing starts




Nana got this new toy for her Birthday, and The boys have had more fun on it than she has. Kayden like to pretend box with his dad, and so when they got on the tramp then they pretended to be Rocky the boxer. Here is a video of each of them showing off their boxing skills...

Sorry it is blurry, but with the boys jumping up and down it was the best I could do!


I Have Been Tagged....

>> Monday, January 21, 2008

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
OK I was tagged by Heidi, and so here it is:

10 Years ago: I was Sixteen, and having a BLAST. I got my drivers license. I also had the best friends in the world, and continued to make new one through out the year.

5 Things on To Do List: Pre-approved for a house loan, Pay off van, get the boys to school, grocery shopping and laundry

3 Bad Habits: I bit my finger nails, I am always twisting my hair, and when I am thinking I only say the last half of the thought out load and nobody knows what I am talking about
Snacks: I love chips they are my weakness, and just about anything else

Places I Have Lived: Brigham City, Jasper(Indiana),Grants Pass(Oregon), Washington, Phoenix,and Tennessee

Jobs: Boy and Girls Club at the Lincoln Center, Subway, Flying J, Shoneys, Kimball Kids, Wal-mart.

Suddenly a Billionaire: I would build us a dream house...nothing to big just the exact floor plan that we want and where we want. I would share some trough out the family, and start saving bonds for all the boys in the family.

Things People Probably Don't Know About Me: I don't like chocolate unless there is a very litte as the outer covering, but just plain chocolate I won't eat. I had a tumor on my finger since I was five and have had it removed twice. Well I think that is it

I TAG: Becky, Heather, Stephanie, Andrea, Kristi, and anyone else who wants to play along!


The Potty Training Experience

>> Sunday, January 20, 2008


Xander's Accomplishment

We are all very excited, and you may have to turn it up to hear what he is saying, because he wouldn't stop moving around. When Xander was younger he couldn't say Kayden and so he would call him "Ha Ha". Well, about a month ago Kayden decided that he didn't like to be called Ha Ha, and so he would continually tell Xander that was not his name, and that it was Kayden. I decided that I need to help him, because we kind of thought it was cute until Kayden got so upset about it. Well it took Xander three weeks to catch on, and know it is Kayden. The bad news is that Landen took after his older brother and call both of the "Ha Ha"

Xander has also learned his name not only does he know how to say it, but he thinks that everything that has the letter "X" in it is his name. So for my birthday my boys took me out to Maddox, and it has the big turning sign out front, and he would say look there is my name...it gone now when it turned and could no longer see it, and when it came back...look there is my name...it gone now. He thought that was the coolest thing seeing his name (The letter "X") on the big sign.


Snow Day!

>> Friday, January 18, 2008

We have had a lot of snow this year. It snowed off and on for about five days in a row, and now we get snow just about everyday. The last time I remember having this much snow was when I was in 6th grade and we got a snow day, and went sledding all day. So we took advantage of all the snow we have received. .

Kayden with the sled
Xander Knee Deep in the Snow

Dad getting us ready to go down.

Landen in the sled
Crash Landing with Xander and Landen


Kayden's Accomplishment

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Before we had moved back to utah we had gotten Kayden completely out of diapers he had gone two weeks without an accident at night, but when we moved to uath they had to sleep on a blow up, and thoes aren't easy to clean if you do happen to have an accident so we put him back in a diaper until we could get his bed that was already accident proofed. So we started again training him at night. At first we had a few accidents until we got everything regulated, and he has now gone a week and half accident free. Well, Papa had told him that when he had gone a week that he would take him to the store and he could pick out something that he wanted. Kayden ask every night if they could go to the store, but we just kept counting down the days. Well monday came, and Kayden and his cousin Jace went with Nana and Papa to the Dollar store and this is what he came home with


Winter Fun at the Cabin

>> Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We had a blast at the cabin here is a slide of our outside fun. To read what the picture is about just put your mouse on the pictures and the description will pop up!



>> Sunday, January 6, 2008

This winter we have had our fair share of sickness, and I can't wait for it to be done. We started with Pink Eye, and just about everyone got their turn with it. They have a big problem with it at Xander's school, and it seemed as though we would never get rid of it. We were at it for probably a month. Well, that next month is when things really got bad. On Christmas Eve Kayden came down with the stomach flu that morning. He came down stairs complaining that his belly was hungry because he didn't eat all of his hot dog the night before, but two seconds after finishing his sentence mom's hand were cupped under his mouth and we were running to the bathroom. For the remainder of the day he sat on the couch with a bowl on his lap. Although he did liven up when we got to open presents that night. Well we made it till Thursday afternoon, and we thought the worst was over, and that just Kayden would get it, but little did I know that at 2:00 am on Friday Xander would wake up with it. He woke me out of a deep sleep and so it took me a while to figure out what was going on, and by the time I made it to him he had covered himself, his blanket, pillow, and bed. So Xander slept in bed with us, and at every movement I had the bowl ready to go! We were supposed to leave for the cabin that next morning, but we had to put that trip on hold till Saturday. We then left for the Cabin on Saturday as planned, and had a BLAST there, but when New Years Eve hit so did the Stomach Flu for Landen, and of course it has to be while people are supposed to be sleeping. Unfortunately at the cabin this time there was something wrong with the hot water heater, and so we didn't have hot water, but kudos to dad for keeping the water going on the stove so we could wash him all up. Me and Landen slept (well Landen slept) on the couch, and in the morning were ready to head home. So on the way home we tried to figure out who was next. Well we were all right on our guess, because Thursday morning Tyler started, then Chance, then me, then Deanna, and then Gene. We all started with in hours of each other. So just when we think that it can't get worse Xander starts with a fever, and so we take him to the doctor, because we thought he had chicken pox (in which he does have one on his arm). Poor little guy had strep throat, ear infection and impetigo. So now it is just a matter of time until that all goes around at least the boys, and after this I sure hope we are done!



>> Saturday, January 5, 2008

Landen Loved this Bear at the cabin. Landen enjoyed the fact that they were both the same size. We talked him into giving the bear a hug and a kiss, and he was just full of grins. Landen Kissing the Bear

Landen Hugging the Bear


5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year

This Year we got to spend New years at the Cabin in Island Park. We had a Blast going sledding and playing in the snow. We played games and just relaxed. Although just after we got done celebrating the new year Landen got that stomach bug that kayden and Xander had early that week, but we pulled though it and made it home! I will post some sledding picutres later.


Lead Poisoning

>> Friday, January 4, 2008

When Xander was two he had some how gotten Lead Poisoning, and his levels were high. We still today do not know how he ingested the Lead. About a year later this lady got a hold of me because she was doing an article about Lead Poisoning. She ended up not using anything about Xander, but it is very informative, and if you read anything on my blog please read this.



Forever Friends

This year Christmas time was wonderful! I got to see so many friends that I have not seen in a long time. I want to thank Heather for the Christmas party it was GREAT and I hope to continue it through out the years.

Top to Bottom;Left to Right: Chelsea, Jessica and Aubrey, Andrea and Allie, Alisha, Christina and Landen, Heather and Miles, Becky, Xander and Kayden (Christina's boys) Olivia (Becky's girl) missing: Becky's little girl Aubrey

Left to Right: Landen , Kayden, Miles, Olivia, Aubrey, Xander and Allie