Soapy Mud

>> Saturday, March 29, 2008

As I was going through some things we found this soap that looks like mud. So we decided to take a bath and play. Xander wanted nothing to do with it, and the moment it hit the water he wanted OUT NOW! So I got him out and dressed and he watched from a safe distance. Landen was curious, but not enough to touch it. We put a little on him, and he wanted it washed off right away, but I managed to get a couple of pictures. Towards the end he would put a little on his hand and then wash it off right away. Kayden loved the stuff he would have sat there all day playing with it! It was a great way to pass the time. Just when we get excitied that it is warming up the next day it snow....ahhhh I just want SPRING!


Our New House!

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, we are closing on the 8Th of April, and we will be the proud owners of a house (Again)! Here is a video of just the up stairs. The down is nothing special right now, but when we move in I will video the down stairs.This house is going to be lots of fun



So Landen has this obsession which started when he would stand at the window and watch his Uncle Chance skateboard. He would watch him for hours. One day Chance took him out to try the skateboard, and the guy wouldn't get off of it with out a fight. After that he would use anything he could find to skate across the floor with. He would mostly use cars, and Tupperware lids. Well then this came about. Watch the video, and pay close attention to what he is using as a skateboard. I was amazed by what this little guy could do!


Easter Egg Hunt

We all went to Nana's house for an Easter Egg Hunt. The boys had lots of fun. Xander, Kayden and Jace all took off for the eggs, and little Landen found one. He opened that egg and when he found out there was candy inside he didn't care about the rest of the eggs. A BIG thanks to Nana for such a great Easter Dinner. How we love when the family gets together every Sunday, but when thoes holidays fall on a Sunday how much more special they are!


Easter Morning

Here are all the boys in there Easter outfits ready to go to church! These pictures where taken in front of Nana's Easter Tree!

In the attempt to get caught up there will be lots of pictures and videos coming your way!



>> Monday, March 24, 2008

I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I have a very good reason...I promise.
First we got rear-ended back at the end of February, and it has taken a month to get the car fixed. I also got whiplash pretty bad, and have been going to the chiropractor to help with all the headaches (which I normally don't have). Accidents are never convenient for any party even when it isn't your fault!
Second we are in the process of getting a house (YEAH)! We have been doing all the inspections and hope to close sometime after April 7th.
Third our computer has been down, and so my cousin has it currently trying to fix it, and so our little lap top won't hold all my programs, and so I can just do the basic on that.
So there has been our crazy life in a Nut Shell! I will post pictures, here soon, and a video of the house when I get our computer back.


Landen's NAP TIME!

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

So this is what Landen does for a half an hour after we lay him down for an afternoon nap. He does it everyday, and we decided to video tape to see what he actually does, because if we are in there he does nothing. Now the kid doesn't do any of this stuff while he is with us. This first one is his song he goes to gymnastics on Wednesday, and for one of the stretches you rub your legs and say peanut peanut butter, and then you rub your face, and say JELLY, and then at the end you pat it down on your legs. The second clip is that he hears the train whistle in the background. he loves to listen for the bus, planes, and the trains. so watch and listen carefully!


Tackling Photoshop

>> Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ok so I have decided to tackle photoshop this weeks with some of the pictures I have taken. So here they are and you be the judge!

Jace our NephewRansom our Nephew




loves to wear just about anyones shoes!

Brenan my cousin/Adopted Nephew