Student of the Month

>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Kayden came home from school the other day, and as we were cleaning up dinner and the conversation went like this
Kayden: Mom the principle called my name today
Mom: Oh, really what for
Kayden: I don't know?
Mom: Well, did you ask your teacher
Kayden: No
Dad: Did she say anything to you?
Kayden: No
Mom: Well, why didn't you ask?
Kayden: I don't know
So we left it at that. So the next day I asked his teacher why the principle called his name, and she had said that she told Kayden that he was student of the month, and so I told her of the conversation we had. That is how most of our conversations go...what you do at school today Kayden...."play" We are so proud of you keep up the great work!



>> Friday, March 27, 2009

OK so nothing to be squeamish about. The snakes weren't real, but defiantly not what I was expecting.

So Tyler had to go to Idaho Falls for a meeting for work, and knew that later that night he would be on a flight to Indiana ( Grandfathers funeral ) and so he brought these home for the boys. I am looking at these things as he is pulling them from the bag thinking GREAT play snakes so that I can be freaked out every time I find one or step on one, because they didn't look like normal rubber snakes, but low and behold they aren't toys they are GUMMY SNAKES, and the boys ate every last bite of them. So thank you dad for all the fun and YUMMY treat. We miss you! look the the length



Spring Tease

Here was our warm weather teaser. We were able to get lots done though. We cut down 4 big tree in our back yard. We called them our trash trees I don't know what they are called, but they have the branches grow from the bottom and all over the trunk straight up so we just them all down. I didn't get pictures, because I wanted them out so we spent the day hualing them out of the back yard to the trailer and then to the green recycling center.

So now we are back to 40 degree weather, and it has been snowing :(



>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I know that this doesn't look like spring, but just yesterday there wasn't a pile of snow left. Brigham city got 15 inches of snow yesterday. The Tabranacle look beautiful so I decided to stop and take a couple pictures. My favorite part of winter when it snows is the white on the trees. I love when there is snow on each and every branch. Although you have to enjoy it fast, because it never lasts long. I will have to add the pictures that I took of my flowers being covered by the snow( I just remembered I had them)

The boys in the snow
It was snowing so hard to take these pictures I had to take a garbage bag and cut a hole for my lens, and a hole for the view finder, and try to take pictures and not get my camera wet. there were some pictures that I was sad because the garbage bag kept getting in the way. Although I was able to keep the camera dry.
Kayden just after he got landen in the snow...Doesn't Kayden look proud!



My little Landon has the most impressive lashes. Most girls would die to have lashes like these. So why are boys so lucky to get them. When I look at them I think...I wonder what would a little mascara do. Can ya tell I am in need of a girl to doll up, but ya know if I was to have a girl she would have hardly any eye lashes at all. So girls wipe that look off your face cause I guess long lushes lashes like these only come on the male species.