Student of the Month

>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Kayden came home from school the other day, and as we were cleaning up dinner and the conversation went like this
Kayden: Mom the principle called my name today
Mom: Oh, really what for
Kayden: I don't know?
Mom: Well, did you ask your teacher
Kayden: No
Dad: Did she say anything to you?
Kayden: No
Mom: Well, why didn't you ask?
Kayden: I don't know
So we left it at that. So the next day I asked his teacher why the principle called his name, and she had said that she told Kayden that he was student of the month, and so I told her of the conversation we had. That is how most of our conversations go...what you do at school today Kayden...."play" We are so proud of you keep up the great work!