Graham Cracker

>> Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last week I had hurt my neck, and it was stiff and sore. Anyways to make a long story short I had spent a week going to the Chiropractor, and had to go this particular morning in which I brought Kayden with me. We had pulled up and he had said mom are we at the GRAHAM CRACKERS, and me and Deanna busted out laughing, and then explained that it was chiropractor. Later that week I asked Kayden where does mom go when she has a hurt neck and once again he proudly answered GRAHAM CRACKER!

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>> Saturday, November 24, 2007

Santa can go just about anywhere...if you don't believe me then you can ask three little boys that have seen him at the mall, and today he was at their Dad's work. (which got them all excitied) They got to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Kayden wanted a Transformer, and Xander was just being stubborn you can tell by the picture, and Landen wasn't sure what to think!


Gobble Gobble

Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. The boys were delighted to help with dinner. I would have taken pictures of us eating, but I was too busy eating :) Although we had a great Thanksgiving. Papa fried a turkey in his fryer, and Nana made pumpkin pies, noodles, fruit salad, stuffing, deviled eggs, green been casserole, broccoli and cauliflower. It was all so yummy!


Great Great Grandma

Thanksgiving we got to spend some time with our Great Great Grandma on mom's side. She will turn 101 in January, and was in good spirits. We had a GREAT thanksgiving dinner with the family. Although it is hard to get three little boys to all look at the camera and smile at the same time. We will have more pictures to come!


Festival of Colors

>> Friday, November 16, 2007





Take One of Birthdays

This year Kayden got to have his own party with his friends. In previous years we have just done family parties so we decided to make an exception. Nana and Papa this year for his Birthday paid to have it at the Peak which was a GREAT experience (Thank you Nana and Papa) He had Friends from school, family, and friends of the family. Some you may be thinking that isn't his Birthday in December...well it is, but we had a lot going on, and had to throw it early so that everyone could attend that Kayden wanted to invite. Thanks everyone for the presents, and coming to the party!



>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

It was a beautiful day with blue skies and warm air. We decided that we better get all that we can out of the warm weather we have been having before it gets to cold. A few weeks before I was upset because when we went up the canyon to take pictures all the leaves were pretty much gone and what was left on the ground was a big sloppy mess from the rain before. So much to my surprise when we got to the park someone had raked up a bunch of leaves to play in. Well with my luck my camera was sitting at home on the counter (good place for it huh?) So I decided that I should take advantaged of all the leaves, and so with all the crying and grumbling we got back in the car to get the camera. here were the results!


CP Specialist

>> Friday, November 9, 2007

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>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

landen loves to play peek-a-boo! We are always saying where is the baby (off of Ice age), and he puts his hands over his eyes, hides under a blanket or behind anything he can get behind. He will then poke his head out with a BIG smile, and then the game starts all over again. Sometimes me and Tyler forget to say "Where's the baby" and he will continue to hide, and then we will hear landen say "BABY" and then he will pop out and smile like the game goes on!He has started talking and saying so much. He says peek-a-boo, today's conversation went a little like this
mom: Love ya
Landen: Love ya
Mom: Love ya too
Landen: too!