Kayden's Accomplishment

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Before we had moved back to utah we had gotten Kayden completely out of diapers he had gone two weeks without an accident at night, but when we moved to uath they had to sleep on a blow up, and thoes aren't easy to clean if you do happen to have an accident so we put him back in a diaper until we could get his bed that was already accident proofed. So we started again training him at night. At first we had a few accidents until we got everything regulated, and he has now gone a week and half accident free. Well, Papa had told him that when he had gone a week that he would take him to the store and he could pick out something that he wanted. Kayden ask every night if they could go to the store, but we just kept counting down the days. Well monday came, and Kayden and his cousin Jace went with Nana and Papa to the Dollar store and this is what he came home with


The Johnsons January 19, 2008 at 7:44 PM  

That's awesome! We are potty training Kael right now and it is way harder than I thought. He is doing great though. Congrats! One down 2 to go!! :) Good Job Kayden!