Xander's Accomplishment

>> Sunday, January 20, 2008

We are all very excited, and you may have to turn it up to hear what he is saying, because he wouldn't stop moving around. When Xander was younger he couldn't say Kayden and so he would call him "Ha Ha". Well, about a month ago Kayden decided that he didn't like to be called Ha Ha, and so he would continually tell Xander that was not his name, and that it was Kayden. I decided that I need to help him, because we kind of thought it was cute until Kayden got so upset about it. Well it took Xander three weeks to catch on, and know it is Kayden. The bad news is that Landen took after his older brother and call both of the "Ha Ha"

Xander has also learned his name not only does he know how to say it, but he thinks that everything that has the letter "X" in it is his name. So for my birthday my boys took me out to Maddox, and it has the big turning sign out front, and he would say look there is my name...it gone now when it turned and could no longer see it, and when it came back...look there is my name...it gone now. He thought that was the coolest thing seeing his name (The letter "X") on the big sign.


The Johnsons January 20, 2008 at 7:37 PM  

What a cutie! Aidan is at about the same stage. I wish I knew how to help them more. I watch him and I know that he knows what he wants to say and he just can't. I am glad that Xander is starting to talk a little more though. All of your boys are so cute!