Kayden's 5th Birthday

>> Friday, December 14, 2007

We have a Birthday dinner for each kid, and Kayden choose to have Sandwiches which was a very easy dinner! He also choose to have a Tractor cake which he was very excited to see! That morning I had to go to the store, and the conversation with dad went like this:
Kayden: I know where mom went
Dad: Where?
Kayden: She went to get my Birthday Cake!
Dad: No she didn't
Kayden: Yes She did!
Little did Kayden know that Nana and Papa had gotten it the night before all this and it was out in the garage so that he wouldn't see it so later that night Kayden and mom's conversation went like this
Mom: Kayden what are we going to do...We forgot your cake
Kayden: It's OK mom
That was the sweetest thing, and I was happy to have that cake in the garage, because it wasn't a big deal to have a cake, but he was sure surprised when we brought that cake out!