Swimming Lessons

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

Kayden has always been a little scared of the water. This is his third year in the begging class, and we will probably have one more years, but each year he keeps getting better and better. Xander on the other hand we were scared to put him in. Xander sometimes he likes things and sometimes he doesn't, and it is sometimes we have to figure it out. Anyways thought that it would be a problem putting him into swimming lessons, but low and behold he LOVES it. We took him swimming one day and were surprised how fast he picked things up and was just having the time of his life. He won't put his head under the water unless he jumps off the side, but he does everything that is instructors as of him. Here is a video of them. Sorry in some places it is shaky, because Landen would bump into me or need something or just wants to be held because he felt a little left out. Word of warning it is a long one!