Lagoon Day

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

So we decided this year we would take the boys to Lagoon Day with Gene's work. We had fun, but next time we will plan a little differently than this time Around.

Jace and Kayden had to go in the Haunted house

first thing, and so that is what we did, and this was how they
were through the whole ride!

So in between these rides we took them on the Tidal Wave, and for those of you who don't know what that is let me explain it is a BIG pirate ship that goes back and forth and gets higher and higher. (last year Jay took Jace and he loved it) Well, it didn't go exactly like that this year. We took Jace, Xander and Kayden. Jace screamed his little heart out and wanted to get off, Kayden held on to the bar as tight as his little hands could and cried (he sure knows how to make mom feel bad) and Xander went white I was glad that I didn't end up with breakfast in my needless to say we stuck to the kiddie rides for the rest of the day

Xander LOVES the fast roller coaster

I haven't been to Lagoon in many years, and they had a lot of new rides for the younger kids for example the swings which the boys really enjoyed

Here is the smaller version of the Tidal Wave, and the boys loved it when they got off all that came out of their mouths was lets do it again...Kayden didn't want to go we tried, but he just stood there.

We then headed to the Bowery where Gene's company supplied us with drinks and lunch so we took some cute pictures of the boys and played some games that they had set up for the kids (the lines were a lot shorter then the Lagoon rides that was for sure)


The next few pictures are of us waiting a hour and a half to ride Rattle Snake Rapids. You can tell by the red faces that it was hot, and we need to cool down. So we waited. Our next intentions were to go to Lagoona Beach, and stay in the water till it cooled off a little...well, that was everyone else intentions too. For all that don't know Lagoon Beach has a capacity limit, and so every time someone leaves they let more people in. Well the line looked just about as long as some of the rides, and we weren't going to wait in anymore hot lines, and so we decided to take the boys home and go to the pool here in town we had a blast, and weren't to bummed that we had to leave Lagoon early.

Landen worn out from the day! (little did we know he was faking it)

YEP! We are still waiting!

Next time we will defiantly plan better, and go to Lagoona Beach first thing and then ride the rides. THANKS PAPA HARLEY FOR INVITING US AND GETTING THE TICKETS!


Ashlee August 12, 2008 at 4:56 PM  

We love Lagoon too!!!! Looks like the boys got a lot of riding in for the day!!