Idaho falls and Big Juds

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

So we decided to take our vacation just before school started. With the Weeks Family our vacation starts the minute we pull out of the garage, and hit the road. WARNING: there will be a tone of pictures, and a few videos!

Our first stop of the day was in Idaho Falls to get gas, and so we decided that we would stop by the falls and get some pictures of the boys and the Temple. It was a beautiful day!

Nana sure does LOVE her boys


We stretched our legs a little, and then all climbed back into the van and where on our way to the cabin!

Arriving at the cabin...Almost time for bed, can ya tell? The next day we met Papa Harley (can you tell by the attire) and Dad at BIG JUDS. The BEST place in town to get a hamburgerBelieve it or not that hamburger fed...Tyler, Kayden, Xander and Landen, and could have fed me because there was some left over.

Me, Deanna and the boys decided we would head up Thursday afternoon, and get everything unpacked and enjoy our three days up there. Gene and Tyler headed up Friday on their bikes. They had a good ride.
There are many more pictures, but I am going to break them up a little in to different sections that way the pictures are easier to manage!