New Ward

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

So now that we have officially moved into our new house we had the opportunity to attend our new ward. They have been waiting patiently for us to come. Are neighbors are awesome, and have kids the boy's age, and that has really been a blessing. All the other neighborhoods we have lived in have always had older couples for neighbors. Our new ward is small, but we are excited to be here, and feel good. The Bishop has already been over to give us our date to talk in Sacrament meeting, and the R.S. has already got me teaching in R.S. this Sunday. It has been so long since I have had a teaching calling I am just a little nervous, but all will go good I am sure. The boys love there primary classes, and little Landen had a BLAST in nursery. In our last ward Landen would fall asleep during nursery, and because he always woke up scared he stopped going, and so we were anxious to see how this week was going to go. I am sure we both have callings in the making, and so I will up-date when thoes come to past!