Valentines Day

>> Saturday, February 16, 2008

HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS DaY!
This year we did Valentines Day as a family. Tyler's dad was out of town for buisness, and so we took Deanna and Chance with us to Ogden. We ate at the Pizza Factory (YuM...YuM!) We used to eat there when we would go down to Cedar City to watch Chance play soccer at the Summer Games. So it was nice to have one in Ogden. After a stressful week at work because of inventory Tyler had to work eight days before his next day off. We wanted to just go have some fun! So we then hit the FLOWRIDER Chance surfed the whole time, and kept getting better, and better. Ty on the other hand hit the knee boarding first, and got really good at that. He then up-graded to the surfing side, but after a few wipeouts went back to the knee boarding. We then went to check out I-FLY which is a sky dive simulator we just watched them do it, and it was pretty cool. They also have an arcade in which we hit next, and the boys played some games, and then we called it a night. Here are some picutres and video clips of our WoNdErFuL night!
Pizza Factory
Kayden thought it was cool that the breadsticks came on sticks!XanderKaydenLanden
He just loved eating the breadsticks!Watching Dad and Chance at Flowrider
Landen loved watching Tyler becuase he would make silly faces at him
Xander and Kayden watched chance, becuase he did some of the biggest crashes!

Racing on the motorcycle in the arcade!
Chance, Dad, Kayden and Xander all playing the game!


Riding the motorcycle game!


Was so tired he just sat back and watched all the excitment around him!
Tyler and Chance Racing
Xander and Kayden watching and ChEeRiNg them on!
On to the shooting game

Ok Lets Call it a NIGHT!

In closing I would just like to tell Tyler how much I love him, and that he means the world to me. He does so much for this family, and works hard to support us! WE LOVE YOU!